What does it mean when you have to print in duplicate?

Answer Duplicate means an identical copy of the original. For instance print in duplicate means print two copies of the same document.Hope this helps :)

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My computer says there is a duplicate name on the network...what does that mean?

in your network, one computer also have same name or your workgroup have same name, just replace your computer name to another other because you can't use same computer name in a network.

What does it mean when you have to have a mortgage loan underwritten?

Mortgage loans submitted to lenders require underwriter approval. The underwriter ensures the loan meets the lender's guidelines for the loan requested. This process is called underwriting. Underwr... Read More »

What does it mean when i have lower abd. pains on my left side when im only 3 weeks pregnant?

Answerum i hade pain on my lower right side when i was a bout four weeks it lasted right up until i was 10 weeks i went to the doctor he sent me four an ultra sound to rule out an eptopic pregnancy... Read More »

Why does my printer, print blank pages When it says i have ink.?

If you haven't used the printer in awhile, the printheads may be clogged with ink. Try running the printhead cleaning utility for the printer to see if that will clear it. If not, take out the cart... Read More »