What does it mean when you have random bruising?

Answer On One Hand: Medication Side EffectsA bruise is the result of blood from injured blood vessels leaking beneath the skin. Some medications weaken the body's blood clotting ability, increasing the li... Read More »

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What does the term "Random Keyed" mean when referring to door knobs?

When you buy locks there are "Key codes" on the package. If you buy 2 locks with the same key code the keys will work in both locks. These are called "Keyed alike". When you buy a lock that is "Ran... Read More »

Very easy random bruising is it serious?

Much like pain, spontaneous bruising in the legs is a sign that something is wrong and needs immediate attention. It could be something as simple as hitting your legs against an object which caused... Read More »

Does bruising mean poor circulation?

yes, bruising does mean poor circulation and it comes from not eating healthy with means you dont have enough iron in your blood. Not eating enough iron and poor circulation can also cause blood clots

When does bruising start to show up on a broken toe?

Bruising starts to show within 12-24 hours.