What does it mean when you gain a f-stop?

Answer Gain means to increase. Keep in mind that we can gain a stop when talking about the aperture, shutter speed or ISO. Lets look at some hypothetical examples. We'll use ISO 100.ISO 100f16 @ 1/100 sec... Read More »

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How to Stop Menopause Weight Gain?

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Why do you always gain weight after you stop smoking?

You improve your health when you decide to stop smoking, reducing risks of heart and lung disease, circulation problems and cancer. However, weight gain after you stop smoking makes you apprehensiv... Read More »

I was prescribed Progesterone for endometriosis will it stop my periods & make me gain weight?

Probably won't stop your periods but you can grow facial hair, experience a deepening of voice.See a Naturopath or Homeopath. This condition can be reversed without drugs.

How can a girl gain weight if she only weighs 91 pounds and is very skinny and she wants to gain weight but can't seem to?

answer eat a healthy diet with three balanced meals a day exercise to get muscle. but some people will never put on weight it is just the way they are. however i know a girls that says she cannot p... Read More »