What does it mean when you call someone a sap?

Answer Merriam-Webster defines a "sap" as a foolish and gullible person. Radio France Internationale, for instance, called FIFA president Joseph Blatter "a bit of a sap." A Chicago Sun-Times headline read... Read More »

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What does all circuits are busy mean when you call someone?

It means what it says. There is NOT a channel or line open from you to the other person. Chances are he did not get the information. You have to hang up an try again when you get that message, as s... Read More »

What does it mean to call someone an apple?

According to Knowledgerush, the term "apple" is an ethnic slur or a derogatory term one American Indian might use towards another American Indian to suggest he is not being true to his identity--in... Read More »

Why does it say call failed when you try to call someone on your iPhone 3G?

If you are running your iPhone in Airplane Mode you will not receive anything. You won't get phone calls, emails, texts, etc. If you want to get Push Notifications you need to take it out of Airpla... Read More »

Why does my house phone have static when u call someone or someone calls u?

You need to rule out that it's not your actual phone unit. Try unplugging in another phone and if you still have static then it's in your lines and can easily be fixed by calling the phone company... Read More »