What does it mean when you always cry after your sister leaves?

Answer Crying after your sister leaves means that you love and miss her. Although it saddens your heart it is a good thing that the two of you are so close. If you are a minor you won't be forever and wil... Read More »

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What do you do when your sister leaves and you miss her?

If your sister leaves and you miss her you can send her letters, you can exchange email, you can talk to her on the phone. Eventually you will have to get used to her no being as close by as she us... Read More »

What if your little sister is always so mean to me I hate it She is tearing my family apart She's just 8 I am 13 How do I fix this?

How do you get along with your sister who always does stuff to tick you off?

Act like it doesn't bother you. She will get bored and quit. This may take a while though. As long as 10 years. Another thing you can do is be overly kind to her. She may think you are up to someth... Read More »

What does it mean when your peeing feels werid after sex?

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