What does it mean when the tips of your fingers are numb?

Answer Could be something stupid.........COULD - and I'm not saying it is - but COULD be indication of a heart problem. That's how the found my mom was on the verge of having a heart attack.And don't thi... Read More »

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My middle three fingers are numb and have been numb for about three months I sleep on my elbow alot and watch?

Exercise them. Get a pen and scribble. Did you have a stroke. You don't give much info.Get one of those big bed pillows designed for bed reading and tv watching.

I seem to have bad circulation in my right hand, my fingers keep tingling and going numb What can I do?

You could possibly have carpal tunnel syndrome. Next time your hand goes numb, see what fingers go numb. Carpal Tunnel will only numb the thumb, index, and middle finger. Rarely your index finger, ... Read More »

Im fingers are numb please help:(?

Jamed I use to get them all the time but if they are swollen tomorrow morning go to the ER you could have broke a nerve

Does it hurt when a dentist inserts a needle into your gums to numb it?

It hurts like a 3 or 4 out of 10. It just feels like a little pinch on your gums, but it doesn't hurt so bad don't worry :)