What does it mean when the stock market is down?

Answer When someone refers to the stock market as being "down," it typically means that the Dow Jones Index lost value since the previous day. If the Dow Jones Index declines more than 20 percent, stocks ... Read More »

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What does it mean when the stock market is below 7,000?

The rise or fall of the stock market is measured by indexes. One of the most common is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or more familiarly, the Dow. A report that the market closed below 7,000 gen... Read More »

What does bid mean in the stock market?

The bid price refers to the price a buyer is willing to pay for a security. Bid prices change frequently throughout the trading day. The "best bid" is the best price a buyer will pay for a security... Read More »

What does NAV mean in the stock market?

NAV stands for net asset value. It is the dollar value of a share of a mutual fund calculated at the end of a business trading day based on the price of the holdings (stocks, bonds, commodities, ca... Read More »

What does beta mean in the stock market?

When people refer to "beta" relative to the stock market, they mean the number (also known as the beta coefficient) that represents the correlation of a stock's returns to the returns of the entire... Read More »