What does it mean when the man has strong urges to cum inside the women?

Answer It's nature taking over sex is meant for procreation, just go with it

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Why do I get urges to kick my legs when I sleep?

Listen, forget about all that crap about nerve damage. What you could possibly have is called restless leg syndrome. My mom has it, and I could possibly have it too. I can never keep my legs still ... Read More »

What does a"strong aura connection"mean?

An aura is defined as "an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being" by "Merriam-Webster's Dictionary." Many believe that a person's aura reflects her nature; they believe that, when... Read More »

What does it mean if your urine has a strong smell to it?

On One Hand: Causes May Be HarmlessMany causes of strong-smelling urine are harmless and temporary. Medline Plus and the Mayo Clinic cite harmless potential causes that include eating asparagus, ta... Read More »

When attire is described as 'black tie' what does that mean that women should be wearing?

When I go to a "black tie" event, I simply wear a black tie and only a black tie. Nothing more. But after reading the other answers on here, I now realize why they never let me stay very long. I al... Read More »