What does it mean when the light goes red on an Xbox?

Answer Red lights on an Xbox console are referred to by some as the "red ring of death." This may mean that you have a faulty power supply, so first try unplugging and then plugging in the power cable. If... Read More »

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What does the red light mean on an Xbox?

The red light, or red ring of death, on an Xbox could mean one of two things. The power supply to your console could be malfunctioning or there is a problem with your hardware. If the Xbox is under... Read More »

What Causes the One Red Light Error on the Xbox 360 E76?

The Xbox 360 is prone to numerous hardware failures that are indicated by various error codes. The four lights surrounding the power button on the unit will flash in various patterns to indicate a ... Read More »

How to Fix the Red Light on an Xbox Power Cable?

The red light on an Xbox 360 power adapter is a sign that the power supply may be overheating or is receiving a strong electrical current that might damage the console. The problem could be fixed b... Read More »

How to Fix Your Xbox 360 When the Light Flashes Yellow & Green?

If you attempt to turn off your Xbox 360 game console only to find that the light on the front flashes in alternating yellow and green colors, the console isn't really off. This status indicator li... Read More »