What does it mean when the fan in my computer turns on?

Answer The central processing unit (CPU) in your computer generates heat while it does all the mathematical work necessary to keep your computer running. A small fan prevents the CPU from overheating. Th... Read More »

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My computer turns off after using it for sometime?

Check your fans - one in your power supply, one on your processor and possibly one in front or rear of the case.

What do i do if my computer turns off randomly?

shout at it... it doesn't help the computer but it sure helps you... =]

Why does my HP computer turns off randomly when I'm on it?

possible overheating issueif its a laptop buy a can of compressed air from a hardware store and fire it into the cooling ducts on the side and/or back of the machineif its a desktop opening the cas... Read More »

How to Know what to Do if Your Computer Randomly Turns Off?

Were you typing an essay or emailing a friend and suddenly the computer turns off? Well here might be why: