What does it mean when someone has... (PLEASE HELP ITS URGENT 10 PTS)?

Answer That really sounds like diabetes. If he doesn't take care of it soon, and it IS diabetes, he can begin to lose limbs and the rest of his vision. Diabetes is very serious when untreated. I would tak... Read More »

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What does this mean, someone please help...:(?

Pelvic pain has many causes. Take a look at the symptoms listed In these 2 articles. If any of them match yours, it will give you some idea what's troubling you. You should get it checked by the do... Read More »

Please help. Urgent response/s needed. What am I to do?

Call the local hospital and ask for a nurse to help answer your questions. They do it all teh time and are generally a great help.

What do you think, please help this is urgent.?

migraine. does it seem to feel worse in bright light? And with migraines you will throw up trust me. I fainted once. There are meds for this though. It's probably not that bad. And mine last someti... Read More »

What is wrong with my computer (urgent: please help!)?

- Apart from the possibilities of malware and viruses, your machine may also suffer from performance problems. Too many front end applications open will chow away on RAM (memory). Same is true for ... Read More »