What does it mean when people add you as a contact on Youtube?

Answer Because he look for you or your thing have been show on youtube.

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Most people are uncomfortable making eye contact with people with crossed eyes?

i honestly know how you feel. i was born with both of my eyes crossed inward. they were both corrected by a strabismus surgery, but the results were not permanent. now i have two lazy eyes, and ... Read More »

How to contact Youtube ?

Is there a way to contact youtube about suggestions they should add?

There may be. But if your ideas are that great patent them as intellectual property and sell them to youtube!

Whats the best way to contact youtube support.?

If you need to contactYouTube by phone, theirphone number is (650)253-0000. Alternatively,YouTube also has a faxnumber at (650) 253-0001. YouTube has a genericcomment page for support that could al... Read More »