What does it mean when my urine is sometimes clear?

Answer If it's clear that's because its mostly water. Only worry if your urine is orange in color. That could be an indication of blood in your urine, or of liver or kidney dysfunction.

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What does it mean when your urine is clear?

well for a fact, the normal color of urine is from straw to amber yellow urine, colorless urine indicates overhydration, but there's nothing wrong with that as long as your body doesnt retain the f... Read More »

Does clear urine mean a diluted u.a?

Usually it just means you're really hydrated. They can still analyze it, if that's what you mean.

What does it mean when you use the bathroom and it burns when you pee and sometimes bleed?

sounds like a urinary tract infection, see a doctor

What does it mean if your two months late with period and have clear slimy discharge and sometimes white lumpy discharge and pregnancy test is negative?