What does it mean when kale turns yellow?

Answer Kale is a hearty green plant similar to lettuce. When its tissue begins to turn yellow, it may be infected. Bacteria can get into the plant through the plant's water pores and turn the tissue yello... Read More »

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What Does it Mean When an iPod Turns Off & On?

The Apple iPod may experience technical problems such as turning off and on at random. It is important to note what the iPod does after it turns back on. The main cause of your iPod malfunctioning ... Read More »

What does it mean when the fan in my computer turns on?

The central processing unit (CPU) in your computer generates heat while it does all the mathematical work necessary to keep your computer running. A small fan prevents the CPU from overheating. Th... Read More »

What does it mean when your computer screen turns blue?

The blue screen of death is an error within the Windows NT and above operating systems. It can occur for numerous reasons and requires the computer to reboot.IdentificationThe blue screen of death ... Read More »

What Does it Mean When the White Part on a Nail Turns Clear?

Normally, your nail tips are white and strong, but they turn clear at times. Though some changes in your nails can be warning signs to other health problems, this little change should not worry yo... Read More »