Can you feel your heart beat through your stomach near your belly button?

Answer No, but there is an artery near there that you are probably feeling. Just like the pulse in your wrist.

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I Can Always Feel My Heart Beat?

it is not normali think you may have a defect in your heart valveget a 2-D Echo of your heart urgently and show a cardiologistdont take it lightly

Why does my heart beat feel like this?

Does it feel like a flutter, then possibly a pause and then a hard beat? Maybe looking something like this? (V is a heart beat and . is the time between) V.....V.....V..V........V.....V.....V.…If... Read More »

Why can I always hear and feel my heart beat?

I cannot feel my heart beat when my hand is on my chest?

Most people usually can't feel it through the chest except for a point right under the L nipple/breast. It's the apex of the heart and can be felt just like the other pulse points at your arteries... Read More »