What does it mean when eyes don't dilate?

Answer On One Hand: The Result of Eye Trauma or Invasive Eye SurgeryA history of eye trauma or invasive eye surgery, such as cataract surgery or certain types of glaucoma surgery, can cause your eyes to b... Read More »

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If you dilate your pupile for 8 to 10 months what will that do to your eyes?

You can suffer retinal damage. With the eyes dilated, you are getting a lot more light into the eye than is healthy, and you will also suffer eyestrain because you probably won't be focusing correc... Read More »

What is in the eye drops used to dilate your eyes in eye examinations?

There are various substances used.There are two main groups of dilating drops [not all drug company names listed]:Parasympathetic antagonists (parasympatholytics): act by paralyzing the iris sphinc... Read More »

My 18 month old boy eyes matted **** i dont think its pink eye he has bad alleregies?

about it you can get information from here site page ->

I was hit by some guys, and there is some blood in my eyes. I dont want to see the doctor,so how can reduce it?

You need to go find them and go Bruce Lee on their asses, I don't know what to do though about the eye, just put an ice pack on it for now...