What does it mean when a woman looks back after leaving you?

Answer On One Hand: Visual Attention May Demonstrate AttractionWhen a woman takes that last over-the-shoulder glance at you, it can indicate interest or attraction. Brief eye contact is a powerful gesture... Read More »

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When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?

that means they quit leaving you to find another dentist

What does it mean when a woman ignores you?

On One Hand: Not to WorryJust because a woman is ignoring you doesn't automatically spell disaster, or even mean anything bad. It could be a way for her to get a desired amount of attention, or an ... Read More »

What is the music from The Hills when Lauren looks back when her and Steven are at the club in Mexico?

All you have to do us make sure you can sing and youll do great

When a woman smells like fish, what does it mean?

It means stay well clear from her or you'll end up with and infecton.