What does it mean when a woman ignores you?

Answer On One Hand: Not to WorryJust because a woman is ignoring you doesn't automatically spell disaster, or even mean anything bad. It could be a way for her to get a desired amount of attention, or an ... Read More »

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What does it mean when a guy ignores you?

According to Guy Speak, if a guy ignores a girl, it generally means that he’s either trying to attract her more or is no longer interested in her. Even if a guy tells a girl he’s interested in ... Read More »

My mom ignores the fact that I'm vegetarian?

You sound old enough to be doing at least some of your own cooking. Get some recipes together and make a shopping list - it will contain things like pulses, whole grains, seeds, nuts etc which can... Read More »

Is there a Wikipedia policy Jimbo Wales routinely ignores?

I would say that Jimbo most often violates "WP:AGF" or "assume good faith". Very often, I see him sweeping his talk page of honest-to-goodness comments and questions that he simply assumes were le... Read More »

A woman who lives in the country discovers a brown recluse spider in her attic. The woman plans to get rid....?

Get a exterminator as the woman is gonna wind up getting bit and huge portions of her flesh and muscle will rapidly die rot off. And how does this woman know it's a brown recluse? Fooling aroun... Read More »