What does it mean when a woman have cramps while she pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello there. Cramping during early pregnancy is very common hun. The cramping is caused by the developing Embryo stretching your Uterus to accomodate the expanding and devel... Read More »

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If you think you are pregnant would you still get cramps like your period was coming around the same time it would come if you were not pregnant?

AnswerCramps, from minor period cramps to severe cramps that make you run to the bathroom constantly, just POSITIVE you have started your period, are very normal! I have three healthy children. Eve... Read More »

Is it normal to experience PMS symptoms such as mild cramps lower back ache tender breasts chills and be pregnant had intercourse at right time hoping to be pregnant about 5 days away from period?

An Answer for You I just answered one question and touched on this subject... Unfortunatley the problem with symptoms of pregnancy is that they are similar to symptoms of colds, flus, PMS, stress,... Read More »

Do babies feel menstrual cramps when being held by a woman on her period?

YES!here is the link

Do you get cramps if you're pregnant?

Answer Well it depends on many things sweetheart, one would be how far along you would be and so forth. But it is common in early pregnancy as its the uetrus getting all ready and prepared for a g... Read More »