What does it mean when a woman have cramps while she pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello there. Cramping during early pregnancy is very common hun. The cramping is caused by the developing Embryo stretching your Uterus to accomodate the expanding and devel... Read More »

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What does it mean when a dragonfly lands on a pregnant woman?

I am unsure how old this post is, but I stumbled upon it. When my mother was pregnant with me, a dragonfly landed on the back of her neck, and she swatted it off. When I was born, my birthmark was ... Read More »

What does it mean when you have cramps but not your peiod?

It means that your period is on its way maybe a month or 2 so keep in hand pads, tampons, or panty-liners!

Can you still have cramps while you're pregnant?

Answer Hello. Yes, you certainly can have abdominal cramping during early pregnancy. For a lot of pregnant women, this can be one of the first symptoms they will experience. A lot of women r... Read More »

What do cramps after sex mean when you are pregnant?

Answer Depending on how far along you are and how large your partners penis is, most likely it is due to the penis banging into the uterus during sex. Tell your partner to be more gentle, if he is ... Read More »