What does it mean when a video says fixed?

Answer They repaired the song

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What does it mean when a video says "AC3+DTS" in the description?

AC-3 is Dolby Digital (also “DD”) audio codec which can contain up to 6 channels of sound.DTS means “Digital Theater System” and is a multi-channel digital surround sound format.Basically t... Read More »

Mp3 says it has a "YouTube Ready Video Recorder" What does that mean?

Sounds like your player has a camera and a built in option to upload a video into youtube more easliy (like with using WiFi, or connecting it to a camputer and using it like a webcam).

What does it mean when it says classic when buying memory cards for a digital camera?

What does it mean when the liver test says SGTP is 43.66 when the normal level is between 8 - 78?

Sounds like the person getting the panel is on some medication causing the liver toxicity. Some arthritis meds will do this. I am sure Doctor will go over meds and prescribe one that is easier on t... Read More »