What does it mean when a recipe tells you to "fold in"?

Answer Folding is a technique to 'blend'. You don't stir, that will deflate the egg whites for example. To fold you take part of the mixture and bring up and over.....thus folding. You continue this ... Read More »

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What is the recipe website where you put in what food you have and it tells you what you can make?

I think the one you are looking for is this one: there are many others such as: Read More »

When a European recipe tells you to bake at 400f what does that mean in American ovens?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies You really should put in a separate circuit back to the breaker panel. Don't try to run two dryers from the same circuit beca... Read More »

My cake recipe tells me to use all purpose or cake flour?

All Purpose flour is just good old Plain flour. If you are using self raising flour and the recipe calls for baking powder as well then just leave that out, or put less in.

How to Fold Tri-Fold Brochure Paper?

Brochures serve a variety of purposes, either personally and professionally. When you present vivid and colorful information in a brochure format, you instantly communicate impressive preparation a... Read More »