What does it mean when a recipe tells you to "fold in"?

Answer Folding is a technique to 'blend'. You don't stir, that will deflate the egg whites for example. To fold you take part of the mixture and bring up and over.....thus folding. You continue this ... Read More »

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When a European recipe tells you to bake at 400f what does that mean in American ovens?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies You really should put in a separate circuit back to the breaker panel. Don't try to run two dryers from the same circuit beca... Read More »

What does it mean when my dentist tells me he's going to "get medieval" on gingivitis?

It means that you should not walk out but run out. Unless he's got you tied down to the stretching machine already.

What does it mean when i have a high memory usage on google chrome norton thing pops up and tells me?

I have had this too, but I just tend to ignore it, it doesn't mean you're infected or anything. Try clearing your browsing data.

My brother lies a lot. Does that mean you should tell the truth when he tells a lie?

It is difficult at the best of times to express condolences to the bereaved when a loss is felt so greatly by so many. Words can only express the heart and mind of the person offering such a saluta... Read More »