What does it mean when a player gets suspended indefinitely?

Answer A sports player who has been suspended indefinitely is prohibited from play for an undetermined length of time. The suspension extends until the body that handed it out resolves to rescind it. In 2... Read More »

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Kyle, Jackie O suspended indefinitely?

Firstly I think the mother is getting away scot free in all of this, the idea of hooking a child up to a lie detector for ANY REASON on radio is sick. To do it for concert tickets and knowing that ... Read More »

Does it damage an air mattress to be left up indefinitely?

Most air mattresses are not intended to be used all of the time, but as they grow in popularity improvements have been made. It will not damage them to be left inflated all of the time, but it will... Read More »

How much cultivated farm land is needed to feed someone indefinitely?

You cannot do a sustainable farm that is vegan. Simply cannot be done.Nature works in complete systems. Did you know it is the salmon that fertilize all the evergree forests in the Pacific Northw... Read More »

How does wikipedia not get flooded indefinitely with spam and random crap?

I'm going to type a lot. If you want an in depth explanation, you can read the lengthy piece I've wrote below. If you want a quick explanation, you can just read my summary:Wikipedia is constantly ... Read More »