What does it mean when a pea plant is self pollinating?

Answer It means that all the babies it makes will look exactly like the parent and it can make babies without a mate.

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Are Grapevines Self-Pollinating?

Grape is not only among the most widely planted fruit in home gardens but is also the most grown commercial fruit in the world. The fruit thrives best in areas with mild winters and hot summers as ... Read More »

Are all fig trees self-pollinating?

Not all figs are self-pollinating. According to Fig Web, in the wild the fig wasp pollinates the tree by laying eggs inside unripe fruit. The female offspring hatches from the fruit covered in poll... Read More »

Are pear trees self-pollinating?

Pears are generally regarded as not being a self-pollinating tree. However, depending on the variety, it may be possible for one to self-pollinate, but most pear trees will grow unusual fruit or ha... Read More »

Are apple trees self-pollinating?

Some apple tree varieties can self pollinate, but most require the pollen of different apple trees to fruit successfully. The method of pollination is generally by insects like bees and wasps.Sourc... Read More »