What does it mean when a man has an erection?

Answer Physically - that more blood is entering his penis than is leaving it. Psychologically - that he's a man and is thinking about sex. A condition that exists commonly in men. Socially - nothing, it... Read More »

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How to End an Erection?

Here's one for you guys. If you are unable to Suppress an Erection, these steps will help you end an erection that has already made its presence known.

Erection During Physiotherapy?

Guys pop boners. Be happy it is working.Just try to keep it out of her way. Unless she is new, you probably aren't the first male this has happened with.

How to Hide an Erection?

As males, we all have times when we're caught with an erect member. Some guys feel it can be embarrassing and awkward, especially when you're a teen and learning to control your hormones or you are... Read More »

How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Erection?

Sometimes as a male, either if you've seen an attractive woman/man or your hormones started 'dancing', you get an unwanted erection. Having an erection at the wrong time or place can be very uncomf... Read More »