What does it mean when a guy says they're going to put you on the back burner?

Answer It means that you aren't their #1 anymore!

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What does it mean when someone says they are going to milky way?   ....ummm haha, yeeeeah

What does it mean in knitting when it says yarn in back?

The knitting term "with yarn in back" is abbreviated as "WYIB." When you see this abbreviation, leave your working yarn hanging down at the back of your knitting project. This is the same position ... Read More »

What does Jeff eastin of white collar mean when he says he's thinking about bringing kate back anne-rice style?

Just got new pc but wen i try to burn it says connect a burner or install it but i have burner built in?

Do you have burning software? Try deep burner with a search if not.