What does it mean when a guy constantly picks on you?

Answer On One Hand: Male FlirtingUsually when a guy picks on a woman or homosexual man, it is his form of flirting. This type of behavior is sometimes described as "cocky and funny" in male social circles... Read More »

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How do you keep a constantly flowing artesian well from freezing The well is constantly overflowing and winter is coming. will the casing crackwhat is the fix.?

As long as it's flowing it won't freeze.There is a well seal that sit's just above the pitless adaptor.It has a two way vent built in to let air in & out.It also has holes for the wire.

Dad picks up the phone while I'm using it... HELP.?

Use humor. When he picks up, laugh and tell your friends, "My poor dad! He has no friends of his own to talk to. Maybe if he'd brush his teeth more than once a month he could get his own peeps!"

How to Fix Picks on Sweaters?

Picks and pills in sweaters are unsightly collections of fuzz or fabric that build up over repeated wearings and washings, or just over time. Rather than replacing your sweater or buying unnecessar... Read More »

My mic picks up everything in the background?

Right click the sound icon on the bottom right of your screen, next to the time and date. Click on "recording devices". Make sure all of the Microphone options are enabled.