What is the name of the dishwasher part that squirts the water?

Answer The dishwasher part that sprays water on the dishes is called a spray arm. The wash pump pushes water into the spray arm, which turns during the wash cycle to spray water on every part of the dishw... Read More »

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How many squirts for someday by Justin bieber ?

Hi,Well I usually squirt one squirt of Jusitn Biebers perfume on my neck, and then one squirt on my wrist and then rub both my wrists together and it usually lasts the whole day!Hope I helped :D

What is the best digital camera on the market for under $500 that squirts water through the lens?

Hoselblad, Sony Watershot, Fujifilm Finespray, Pentax Optio W (W for water), Kodak Easywet.

Orgasms at the gynecologist please help?

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