What does it mean when a body fills up with toxins?

Answer Over time, toxins and unhealthy substances gradually build up in the body, creating an unhealthy environment. Most everyone comes into contact with toxins from food, air and water on a daily basis,... Read More »

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My urine is very yellow. Does that mean my body has many toxins?

i thought urine was supposed to be yellow... i guess i need answers too!!

How does the body flush toxins out when you start drinking more water?

I read that fergie does "vinegar shots" to get rid of toxins in her body, twice a day, what do you think?

Apple cider vinegar has the effect of helping your liver, your body's cleaner, to "fire up" it's enzymes which cleanse the body of toxins. It also helps boost your immune system. Apple cider vinega... Read More »

Does vinegar cleanse your body of toxins?

According to, vinegar can be used to cleanse the body of toxins. Specifically, using apple cider vinegar is said to possibly have a beneficial effect on the digestive system--... Read More »