What does it mean when a baby is crowning?

Answer A baby is crowning when the head is just showing as the mother is about to give birth.

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Crowning Baby Teeth in Toddlers?

As soon as they appear, children's teeth are subject to decay. Without following simple precautions, crown work--to varying degrees--may become a necessity.

Does it hurt for crowning?

Generally, you should never feel any pain after being given anesthesia. If you do just let the doctor know and he'll give you more. But in all honesty, a root canal is far scarier than getting a cr... Read More »

Barrel Crowning Tools?

The most important part of a gun's barrel is the crown. This is the end of the muzzle that is dished inwards, typically at an 11-degree angle. The purpose of the crown is to protect the barrel land... Read More »

Ladies ....... is your hair your crowning glory ?

sometimes, when I can be @rsed actually doing it! lol