What does it mean when a California court case ends in RM?

Answer The f.b.i. has jurisdiction over all of the terrorist investigations. Althouge dea atf army cid and afosi also have jurisdiction....its complicated

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If a father is seeking joint custody and the mother has been served court papers what rights does the father have until the case goes to court?

It depends if you've made an effort to support your child. If you ran away from your responsibilities and didn't pay that child support then those are marks against you in the court system. If the ... Read More »

How to Write a Tax Court Case Brief?

Law students read commercial outlines, create outlines, read hornbooks, practice with flashcards and create case briefs in order to learn and memorize the various rules of law. A case brief is a sy... Read More »

Can you represent yourself in court in a custody case?

some have done it, but it's not recommended. see links belowADDED: The questioner does not make clear if they are the parent, or the minor, that is asking the question. If you are the parent - see... Read More »

The Rights of the Accused in a Court Case?

The rights of the accused in a criminal court case are contained in various amendments of the U.S. Constitution, especially the Sixth Amendment. The rights of a criminal defendant include the right... Read More »