What does it mean when Progesterone levels drop during first trimester from 20 in week 4 to 13 in week 5?

Answer Answer progesterone is necessary to sustain a pregnancy. The doctor can start you on progesterone suppositories to help sustain the pregnancy . good luck joymaker rn

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Why should pregnant women take progesterone tablet at 5 th week?

Answer Yes it does. Vaginal discharge is quite a lot during pregnancy.

How much weight per week should i gain in the second trimester of pregnancy?

On One Hand: Aim for 1 Lb. Each WeekAccording to the March of Dimes Foundation, women that begin pregnancy at a healthy weight should gain approximately 1 lb. per week during the second trimester. ... Read More »

A widow take home pay of 600 a week her disability insurance coverage replaces 70 percent of her earnings after a 4 week waiting period what amount would she receive in disability kept off for 16 week?

Answer 70% of 600.00=$420.00 times 12 weeks (subtracted the 4 week waiting period) = $45040.00 or if you get the full 16 weeks, $420.00 times 16 = $6720.00

What day of the week do flight prices drop?

Airliners typically increase their prices on Fridays and drop them on Mondays. If you can, try to fly during the middle of the week for less crowding and low prices. If you can't fly during the wee... Read More »