How to Tie a Knot in a Cherry Stem With Your Tongue?

Answer You might remember seeing this simple yet crowd-pleasing trick performed on the early '90s TV show Twin Peaks. It takes some practice to perfect but once you know how to do it, tying a cherry stem ... Read More »

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What does it mean to get your cherry popped?

for a girl to loose her virginity. don't ask me why, but when a girl gets her hymen ripped (or "popped") and it bleeds some clever weirdo came up with the term popping the cherry.

What does it mean when you bite your tongue?

It means that your teeth close onto your tongue. You tongue may start bleeding. Your teeth will not.

What does it mean if you have bluish blackish marks on your tongue?

I used to get marks like those when I was a schoolkid. Do you chew your pen? Now my tongue turns blue when I eat blueberries. Before you jump to conclusions about having a disease or cancer consid... Read More »

Cherry stem in a knot any one?

i didnt even get it the first time ive tried.. but i can do it in about 35seconds on average with every one now =]