What does it mean to tag someones photo in facebook?

Answer As said, tagging means labeling the people in the pictures with their name. That way, when you scroll your mouse across the picture, you can see who is who.Also, when you tag people (or people tag ... Read More »

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What does it mean to "tag" someones picture on facebook, whats the point of doing it?

If you tag someone in a picture, you are identifying them in the picture. Once you tag them, that picture also appears on their profile. If you scroll over a person in the picture that has been t... Read More »

What does this photo mean saw it on facebook.?

It's a special new bar code used for downloads.

If you like someones photo on facebook then unlike it straight away will they still get a notification?

Yes. But if you delete it right away hopefully they only see it for a min. What you can also do is go on your timeline and hide the post that says you've liked his/her's pic.

On Facebook, what does it mean when you get tagged in a photo See more details please........................…?

being tagged means that someone has declared you in that photoso when someone looks at your photos on your profile that photo should be in there