What does it mean to square the circle?

Answer To square the circle means to do the impossible. The expression is a reference to a geometry conundrum dating back to 200 BC that drove the development of mathematics into the modern age.How the Ex... Read More »

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What does a circle with an r in it mean?

A circle with an "R" represents a "registered" symbol, meaning that the product is trademarked, which has been filed with and accepted by the Trademark and Patent office in Washington, D.C. Convers... Read More »

What does a star or a dot in a circle usually mean on a map?

On a map of different countries, the country capitals are usually marked with a star inside a circle. On a map of the states within a country, state capitals are marked with dot inside a circle, wh... Read More »

What does a capital r with a circle around it mean?

The capital "R" with a circle around it is the federal registration symbol. This symbol is used to indicate that there is an official trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademar... Read More »

What does a S in a circle mean in architectural floor plans?

The uppercase "S" enclosed in a circle symbolizes a pull switch. Unshaded circles denote wall bracket switches, while shaded circles indicate the use of ceiling-mounted pull switches. This is a sym... Read More »