What does it mean to sow seeds?

Answer Sowing seeds means to scatter seeds over the ground to grow plants. Different sowing methods can be used depending on what you are trying to grow. You can sow seeds outside or inside in trays or po... Read More »

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What does hybrid mean in seeds?

According to the University of Illinois Extension Department, the term hybrid means that the seeds are made by crossing specific parent plants by hand pollination. Making hybrid seeds is costly, ti... Read More »

What does seeds,peers and leechers mean in torrents?

Seeders > uploaderLeechers >>> dowloadersPeers>>> how many ppl are downloadingand uploading .. i hope i helped.

My tree in my front yard is dropping more seeds than usual, does this mean my tree is dying?

Some trees are cyclical, where every few years they'll produce a massive amount of seeds, then regular amounts the other years. The baby trees are more likely to have some survive with this strateg... Read More »

What do seeds and leeches in torrent stand forWht do u mean by trackers?

Seeds are people who have already downloaded the complete file and remain connected so that others can download from them.Leeches are people who are still downloading the file. With bit torrents, y... Read More »