What does smoke you out mean?

Answer It means that someone is offering to smoke their pot with you...a generous offering if you will. No need to pass out unless that is what you're going for.

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What does it mean when a home smoke alarm sounds?

When a smoke alarm sounds, it has detected smoke in the air. An alarm may mean that the house has caught fire, or it may mean that someone is burning food or smoking a cigarette inside, causing a f... Read More »

My smoke alarm makes a Beep sound every minute or so. What does it mean?

when those things make that beeping noise....sounds like cricket almost, it is its way of telling you that the battery is low. if changing the battery does not work, take the unit down and blow t... Read More »

What does it mean when first alert smoke detector beeps 3 times?

According to a First Alert user's manual, three beeps or chirps indicate a possible malfunction in the unit that requires immediate replacement. These beeps are often accompanied by simultaneous LE... Read More »

How do you smoke pot out of a "bowl" (pipe)?

Alright. You take your weed. You break it up into little pieces. This is so the THC releases more. In other words, the better you break it up, the more stoned you will get. Be careful that the piec... Read More »