What does it mean to 'sign a public key' XKCD?

Answer So normal PKI deals with public private keys which is what you are used to seeing in SSL situtations. The signing public key thing deals more with PGP implementations and keyrings. Basically ther... Read More »

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What does public amenities mean?

Public amenities are features of an area that are available to all in that area. For example, a public beach access is a form of a public amenity. All who are in the area may visit and enjoy that s... Read More »

What does"going public"mean?

The process of going public is when a private company sells shares to investors to raise capital. The company is then listed on a stock exchange and is then owned by the people who buy its stock.Re... Read More »

What does a one way road sign mean?

What does the 'E' sign mean on an iphone?

u get administrative priviliges like u can over clock your phone, install custom roms etc...for more consult