What does it mean to 'sign a public key' XKCD?

Answer So normal PKI deals with public private keys which is what you are used to seeing in SSL situtations. The signing public key thing deals more with PGP implementations and keyrings. Basically ther... Read More »

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Sign Language Interpreting for Public Schools?

The issue of sign language interpreting for public schools continues to be highly debated (see Reference 1). The decision of whether or not to place children in schools specifically made for deaf c... Read More »

Can a notary public sign papers for the company they work for?

On One Hand: Notaries in the WorkplaceYes, a notary public may sign papers for the company for whom she works. Many companies train employees to become a notary public for the office, and the notar... Read More »

Can a notary public notarize a document they sign in Oklahoma?

A notary public cannot notarize their own signature, or the signature of a spouse or their child. It is unlawful for notary publics to notarize a document that they will gain benefit from.Source:Wr... Read More »

How to Sign up for File Storage at Dropbox and Use Public Folder at Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud data warehouse that was introduced by company Dropbox Inc., This service allows users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share them with other users on the Internet.... Read More »