What does it mean to reimage a hard drive?

Answer In the event that the data on your hard drive should go bad, reimaging the drive can restore most, if not all, of the lost data. Understanding how imaging works requires an understanding of how dat... Read More »

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What does RPM for a hard drive mean?

RPM stands for revolutions per minute, or how many times the hard drive is able to rotate. The hard drive is the computer component that permanently stores the information on your computer so it is... Read More »

What does an ATA hard drive mean?

An ATA hard drive is one that uses an older standard for connecting to a computer's motherboard.BackgroundThe technology behind ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) drives was developed and release... Read More »

What does ata mean on a computer hard drive?

ATA stands for AT Attachment Interface, which is a specification for getting hard disk drives and removable disc (CD/DVD) drives connected to and sharing data with other components inside your PC o... Read More »

What does eide hard drive mean?

Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) is a standard made for drives to reduce the clutter inside computers necessary to operate them. EIDE stands for Enhanced IDE, which improved the performance of th... Read More »