What does it mean to red-shirt a player?

Answer Redshirting is a practice used in collegiate athletics. Teams will not use a player in games for an entire season to extend that player's eligibility another season. This tactic is most common in b... Read More »

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What does hanging a shirt on the window of a broke down car mean?

Hanging a shirt or other material out of the window of a disabled or broken-down vehicle signifies that you require help from a police officer or tow truck, according to Tying a shi... Read More »

What Does PD Mean in Football?

Because of the many positions -- and the split between offense and defense -- football stats can be hard to keep track of. The abbreviation "PD," is an acronym for the statistic pass(es) defended.

What does FC mean in football?

FC, in soccer, stands for "football club" or "futbol club". The abbreviation is often placed before the team name, as in FC United or FC Revolution. In most countries, the sport known as soccer in ... Read More »

What does it mean to be cut in football?

Most football teams--from high school to the professional level--have pre-season practice sessions at which point coaches determine which players are good enough to keep on the team. Players who ar... Read More »