What Does the Term 'Dog Ears' Mean in Relation to Tummy Tucks?

Answer Dr. John Di Saia, an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck specialist in Orange County, California, describes tummy tuck "dog ears" as folds in the skin at the borders of a tummy-tuck incision. Longer inci... Read More »

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What does it mean when your two-year-old girl pushes out her tummy and shakes her hands and legs and makes strange facial expressions?

A really good friend of mine hates fish sticks, but LOVES snack cakes. Does Little Debbie make fish sticks?

wowza got a top food contributer in here with an actual response that on some crazy surface would actually make sense. Little Debbie does not make fish sticks.

GUYS - do you prefer a bit of a flabby, soft tummy or a washboard, really flat tummy?

How to Play Pooh Sticks?

Pooh Sticks is a game that Winnie the Pooh plays with his friends. For 2+ players its great for kids.