How to Buy a Motorboat?

Answer The term "motorboat" is fairly broad, and covers any kind of watercraft that has an engine. Before you decide to buy a motorboat, you have to figure out exactly what you are looking for. Once you d... Read More »

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What does I/O mean to a motorboat enthusiast?

The abbreviation I/O stands for a type of engine called and inboard/outboard engine to a boating enthusiast. Boats with inboard/outboard features have a motor within the boat, connected to a propel... Read More »

Who Made the First Motorboat?

The first known motorboat was constructed for personal use by French inventor Fernand Forest, a pioneer of the internal combustion engine. Ole Evinrude, who invented the outboard motor, was the cre... Read More »

How to Create a Stern Wave with a Small Outboard Motorboat?

Do you want to create a stern wave with a small motorboat? A stern wave fans out from the back (stern) of the boat as opposed to a bow wave, which fans out from the front. This article will help yo... Read More »

Who is required by law to wear a USCG-approved PFD when on deck of 23-foot motorboat that is underway on a public lake?

Children 12 years old and under must wear an approved personal floatation device at all times while on board.