What does it mean to merge in traffic?

Answer To merge in traffic means to enter the traffic without disrupting the flow. Drivers should not have to stop--or even slow down--if you merge correctly into traffic.The on-rampA highway on-ramp is d... Read More »

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What does"disregard traffic control"mean on a traffic report?

The phrase "disregard traffic control" on a traffic report means failing to follow a device that has given you instructions. This would be considered a driver error. Examples would be running a red... Read More »

How to Merge with Heavy Traffic?

Merging from lane to lane in heavy traffic, or even onto a highway, can be unnerving if you don't have a plan. It can also be dangerous if not implemented with caution. Once you have learned the st... Read More »

What does deferring a traffic ticket mean?

When a traffic ticket is deferred it does not show up on your record for a certain amount of time. Depending on where the ticket was originally administered you may have to pay a fee and have a cle... Read More »

What does a reverse turn traffic sign mean?

Lets the traffic know that the road will turn towards the left followed by another turn towards the right.