What does it mean to lease a car?

Answer Leasing a car is an alternative to purchasing a car. When a driver leases a car, he is essentially renting it for a specific time period, such as 24 or 36 months, and is allowed a predetermined num... Read More »

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What does lease to own mean?

A lease-to-own agreement is an agreement between a lender and a borrower that allows the borrower to rent a specific item, such as a refrigerator or a house. At a specific time in the future, the b... Read More »

What does lease with option to buy mean?

A contract may state that a customer has a lease with an option to buy, meaning that the customer is renting the property, but that at any point during the duration of the lease, the customer can d... Read More »

What does a cross sign on a lease agreement page mean?

When executing a lease agreement, the owner or representative wants to highlight specific clauses. “The industry standard is an 'X' mark, which can sometimes resemble a cross sign,” said Art Lo... Read More »

What does the deposit pay for in an apartment lease?

The deposit you give a landlord for your lease/rental---typically equivalent to one month's rent---is a security the landlord holds to repair any damages done by a tenant to the rental. If you leav... Read More »