What does dreaming of a shark mean?

Answer If you see a shark in your dreams, it can indicate feelings of anger, aggression and cruelty. It is possible that you might be an emotional threat to yourself or to other people. Another reason yo... Read More »

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What does"after the jump"mean?

"After the jump" means that there's more content to a specific online article, either on the next page (navigated to by a hyperlink) or after an item that breaks up the page (such as an embedded vi... Read More »

What is a big shark that is known as a basking shark?

The basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) is also known as the sunfish, sailfish, bone shark and elephant shark. The basking shark is the second-largest shark in the world, measuring 22 to 29 feet lon... Read More »

What channel does shark week come on for dish network?

Shark Week is broadcast on The Discovery Channel - 182. You can perform a search from your receiver by pressing the Left Arrow Button on your remote to display the Themes and Search screen. Arrow ... Read More »

What Muscles Does Jump Roping Work?

Jump roping works the muscles in the abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs, particularly the calves and thighs. Performed regularly it improves muscular endurance of these muscle groups. I... Read More »