What does"after the jump"mean?

Answer "After the jump" means that there's more content to a specific online article, either on the next page (navigated to by a hyperlink) or after an item that breaks up the page (such as an embedded vi... Read More »

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What does it mean to be in awe of someone?

It means that you are infatuated by them, that you are dumbstruck. You cannot think straight because you are blinded by this person. It means that you cannot function right when you see them.

What does it mean to gas-light someone?

When one partner in a romantic relationship psychologically manipulates the other into severe self-doubt, it is called "gaslighting." This form of emotional control gets its name from a 1944 film c... Read More »

What Does it Mean to Goose Someone?

Goosing someone is often considered a practical joke and works around the elements of surprise and humor. Goosing, while amusing, should ideally only be done to close friends or relatives, and defi... Read More »

What does it mean to Mirandize someone?

Police Mirandize criminal suspects prior to interrogation by informing them of their legal rights. Suspects have a right to remain silent and to be represented by a lawyer. The state must appoint a... Read More »