What does it mean to have your custodial rights terminated?

Answer Answer This means you are giving up ALL LEGAL RIGHTS to a child that you have conceived. Once the legal papers are signed, you not longer are the legal father or mother to that child.You will nev... Read More »

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What rights do you have being the custodial parent and wanting to move out of state and what rights does the father have to keep you from moving?

Answer That's a decision that only the judge can make, based on state law. If it appears to the judge that you're just trying to get away from the father, you had better have a good reason. If it's... Read More »

What do you do when your parental rights have been terminated?

You usually have a chance to appeal this decision, but once that appeal is final, there's no undoing the termination. Depending on the precise situation, you may still be able to have visitation w... Read More »

Does the custodial parent have to agree if you want to relinquish your parental rights?

%REPLIES% Answer No, under Louden v. Olpin ["Louden"] (1981) 118 Cal.App.3d 565 , 173 Cal.Rptr. 447,You can't force the non-custodial parent to do anything other than pay support

How do you get your child back after your rights have been terminated?

Realize there was a reason it happened, straighten up your life and be patient for the time to pass so they can see you really have improved your life. During this process... you need to have "bro... Read More »