What does it mean to have sex before you are married?

Answer It means that you are either curious and want to have sex or that you are in committed relationship and want to take it further and get closer to each other and make it more solid by sharing sex. P... Read More »

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Does a mother have custody before the case goes to trial if she never married the father?

No she does not. Until you go to court the parent who is in possession of the child has custody.

How long do you have in live together before you're common law married in Colorado?

As of June 2010, according to the Attorney General of the state of Colorado, there is no time requirement necessary to establish a common-law marriage. A couple must satisfy five requirements for a... Read More »

If you am not married to your child's father and the child spends almost all of his time with you does that mean you have sole physical custody?

Answer If you were never married to the father of the child(Children) custody HAS NOT been established. You must go to court and have custody determined. My child lived with me for 5 Years. The fat... Read More »

What does it mean to be married barefoot?

While most people get married barefoot because they find it comfortable or trendy, not wearing shoes at your wedding symbolizes (for some) that they are being humble in the face of God during a rel... Read More »