What does it mean to have low blood pressure?

Answer Blood pressure is measured using a systolic, or maximum, and diastolic, or minimum, pressure reading. Normal blood pressure is typically 120/80, or "120 over 80." According to the Mayo Clinic, low ... Read More »

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What does it mean when you have low iron and high blood pressure during pregnancy?

Answer Well first if your iron is low you are anemic *not sure if that is how you spell it* you just need some iron pills they are not the best in the world to take they are like horse pills but th... Read More »

Does this mean I have high blood pressure?

What does it mean if my blood pressure is 151 over 65?

FYI,The difference is called the pulse pressure. Here is an answer to your question from a Mayo Clinic emeritus hypertension specialist…although the answer... Read More »

What exactly is blood pressure and what are the risks if you have high blood pressure Im curious?

High blood pressure is when your blood vessels (the tubes that carry blood around your body) are slightly narrower for some reason causing pressure inside them. It could be due to cholesterol (whic... Read More »