What does it mean when a woman have cramps while she pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello there. Cramping during early pregnancy is very common hun. The cramping is caused by the developing Embryo stretching your Uterus to accomodate the expanding and devel... Read More »

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Can you have a baby with a woman if you are a woman?

We have all heard the rumour about men with big feet: What does it mean when a woman has big feet?

Hey there!!I guess it means she's more receptive to foot massages!!BTW, I'm a size 11 ;)

What does it mean to be a kept woman?

A "kept woman" is the historical term for one who is financially supported by a man, usually in exchange for sex. "Mistress" is another term. One of King Louis XIV's long-term mistresses was Athena... Read More »

Can woman and woman have a baby?

i dont think so.Yes, from a third man (not woman)