People have been telling me to keep a stiff upper lip............?

Answer Hi dude; It's just an old phrase, meaning, "Hang in there, it's going to get better". You posted a Q along these lines the other day... Are you OK?Peace,Bobby

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What does it mean for me to have sharp pains on the upper right corner of my stomach?

Upper right corner-just under your ribcage? Could be gallbladder. Could also be something in the lower lungs.If it was lower right, I'd be worried about appendicitis. That's down to the right of... Read More »

I have taken 2 upper GI series xrays 10 days apart..... did these 2 upper Gi series xray's damage any of my?

No. I've checked your questions, and you've posted this nonsense many times, in several different forums. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.

I have a stiff neck and my back just hurts what should i do?

Take a hot bath and lie down to bed without pillow. Keep your neck warm. Use heating cream with painkillers in it.

How many bones does the upper&lower jaw have?

The upper and lower jaw of a human consist of three bones. The lower jaw (mandible) has one bone that is hinged and moves when humans chew or talk. The upper jaw (maxilla; plural: maxillae) has two... Read More »